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Born and raised in Southern California I was fortunate to spend my late teens in the middle of the hair metal explosion in LA.  Spending my weekends at the Whisky Go Go and Gazzarri’s on the Sunset strip it was not unusual to see Lemmy and Ronnie James Dio sitting at the upstairs bar at The Whisky or to be stickered by members of Motley Crue, Ratt or Poison as we were entering the venues.  In those days the bigger shows were at venues like The Santa Monica Civic, the Long Beach Arena and of course the Forum where Priest, Accept, Dio, etc. all played.  We listened to Los Angeles rock stations 95.5 KLOS or 94.7 KMET to get concert announcements and stood in lines at the local Tower Records or Music + stores for a chance to buy tickets when shows went on sale – Ahhh those were the days! 

Fast forward a number of years and the rock shows and metal scene was set aside for life, marriage, raising kids and a professional career but the metal/rock n’ roll roots had already been firmly planted. After years of sneaking camera’s into shows to take pictures, albeit poor ones from the crowd with my best point and shoot camera lighting struck!

I reached out to National Rock Review about the possibility of taking pictures and doing show reviews and I was afforded an opportunity to cover Mushroomhead and Doyle at a local show in Louisville. As the anniversary of my first show quickly nears I can not believe the incredible bands and musicians I’ve had the great fortune to cover.  All In Music Review exists to share the sights, sounds, visions, and experiences with you while promoting the incredible musicians and bands that we all know and love!



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