Saxon and Uriah Heep at The Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY 28-APR-24

It’s a night to remember as Saxon and Uriah Heep dominate Louisville!

With the signature event in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Kentucky Derby, less than a week away the city of Louisville is brimming with energy and excitement. Tonight, The Mercury Ballroom was ablaze with rock ‘n’ roll fervor as two British heavyweights, Uriah Heep and Saxon, took the stage in a co-headlining spectacle that left fans exhilarated and craving more. The air crackled with anticipation as the crowd, a mix of die-hard veterans and curious newcomers, awaited a night of classic hits and electrifying performances.

Saxon, the quintessential British metal band, kicked off the evening with a sonic assault that could rival the pounding of Thor’s hammer. Led by the indomitable Biff Byford on vocals, Saxon delivered a setlist that spanned their illustrious career. The guys wasted no time getting things started, opening with the title track of their latest album “Hell, Fire & Damnation” immediately followed by fan favorite “Motorcycle man” and the party was officially “ON”!  As the opening chords of the anthemic “This Town Rocks” reverberated through the venue, fans were instantly transported back to the golden age of heavy metal. The twin guitar attack of Brian Tatler and Doug Scarratt shredded the air, while Nigel Glockler on drums and Nibbs Carter on bass provided the thunderous backbone.

Saxon’s almost 90-minute set had it all, and then some! From 80’s metal mainstays “Power and the Glory”, “Heavy Metal Thunder”, “Broken Heroes” and “Denim and Leather” to new songs “Madame Guillotine” and “There’s Something In Roswell” with super thick guitars from Brian Tatler and Doug Scarratt that send this song straight into the stratosphere!

It was a fun evening and the guys sure seemed to be having a grand time. Biff even took his red covered cell phone out of his pocket and took quick video of the crowd to post on Facebook before launching into their opening encore song “747 (Strangers in the Night)”. Byford’s gravelly voice soared, carrying the weight of decades of rock ‘n’ roll history as Saxon closed the evening with “Princess of the Night”  as the crowd roared their approval, fists and devil horns were raised in appreciation – Saxon had conquered Louisville once again!

But…. The evening was only getting started as Uriah Heep was getting ready to take the stage! Now incredibly celebrating their 54th year, with a 25 studio albums catalog, record sales topping over 40 million and touring to support their 2023 release Chaos & Colour, Uriah Heep proved that age is just a number when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll.  With guitarist and founding member Mick Box leading the way, along with frontman Bernie Shaw, bassist Dave Rimmer, drummer Russell Gilbrook and Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne/ Black Sabbath/ Deep Purple) filling in on Keyboards (due to family commitments Phil Lanzon will not be appearing on this run of dates) Uriah Heep delved into their timeless hits.

The haunting “Gypsy” transported us to mystical realms, while “Stealin’” had the crowd singing and swaying in unison. But it was during “Sweet Lorraine” that the magic truly unfolded. Keyboardist Adam Wakeman conjured ethereal melodies, and the audience held their breath as if caught in a spell. And then, the epic “July Morning” unfurled—a sunrise of sound that left hearts pounding and eyes misty. Expertly mixed within these classics were three songs from 2023’s Chaos & Colour album “Save Me Tonight,” ”Hurricane” and “Hail the Sunrise” that were well received.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and tonight was no different as Uriah Heep started their 2 song encore set with “Sunrise” before closing the evening with mega hit “Easy Livin’”.  As the lights came up with the echoes of “Easy Livin’” lingering in the room, it was clear Saxon and Uriah Heep had left an indelible mark on Louisville. Two legends had collided, and the result was pure magic. The Mercury Ballroom would never be the same.

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