Geoff Tate and Vandenberg at The Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY 07-MAR-24

It’s an evening of monumental proportions as Legendary rock stars Geoff Tate and Vandenberg take Louisville by Storm!

The Mercury Ballroom was a cauldron of rock fervor as two iconic acts took the stage, igniting the night with their legendary sounds. Geoff Tate, the indomitable front man and founding member of Queensrÿche, and Vandenberg, led by the virtuoso guitarist Adrian Vandenberg, delivered a concert that will echo through the ages. When this tour was announced back in August of 2023 it was one of the most anticipated and discussed rock tours of the new year.  The combination of rock legends was a dream match-up and the promise of a memorable evening was delivered in spades!

Opening the evening to a rousing ovation was Vandenberg.  Touring for the first time in the US after three decades and in support of their most recent album Sin (released last August), guitar virtuoso Adrian Vandenberg, along with acclaimed lead singer, Mats Levén, bassist Randy Van der Elsen drummer Joey Marin Joey Marin de Boer (on this tour replacing Koen Herfst) and Len Van de Laak on the keyboard were all smiles as they stepped onto the Louisville stage. Opening the evening with a fiery rendition of the catchy “Hit the Ground Running” from the aforementioned Sin album, Vandenberg set the tone for an electrifying performance. The setlist was a mix of Vandenberg’s solo hits and Whitesnake classics. The Louisville crowd swayed to Whitesnake classsics “Fool for Your Loving” and “Crying in the Rain” and erupted as Vandenberg unleashed his guitar wizardry during “Still of the Night”.

Mats Levén was stellar this evening, skillfully weaving through the set with dominating, yet meaningful vocals that made each song special and the band was tight and sounded fantastic. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and tonight was no different as Vandenberg ended the evening with their mega solo hit “Burning Heart” before closing their time in Louisville with an electrifying rendition of Whitesnake’s ”Here I Go Again”.  

It seems Geoff Tate’s appetite for touring is insatiable!  Coming straight off the Rock Legends Cruise and directly into an 18-show run (over 20 Days covering 8 different states from Florida to Texas), tonight’s show is billed as the “Big Rock Show Hits” – was a journey through the annals of rock history, and he left no stone unturned. The setlist was a treasure trove of Queensrÿche classics.

Wasting no time and capitalizing on the energy in the room, Geoff started the evening with a raging rendition of “Empire” with the crowd erupting as the opening chords of this anthem filled the room. What followed was pure magic as one hit after another came rolling off the Mercury Ballroom stage including “The Thin Line,” “Operation: Mindcrime,” “I Don’t Believe in Love,” “Walk in the Shadows and “Another Rainy Night (Without You)”. With the crowd dancing, smiling, hi-fiving each other, singing, pumping their fists and with sporadic devil horns thrust in the air during and after these songs, Geoff Tate proved that time had not dulled his vocal prowess or the legacy of these songs.  

Coming up on 90 minutes into their set Geoff and the guys were not even close to done as the anthemic “Jet City Woman” came blasting from the stage before closing their main set with mega-fan favorite “Silent Lucidity”.

More, you want more!!!  Geoff’s three song encore kicked off with an insane cover of Pink Floyd’s “ Welcome to the Machine” with not one, not two, not three but FOUR guitarists on stage! (after the introduction of Irish guitarist Cillian Plummer). As the night reached its crescendo, Geoff Tate closed the show with a regal flourish as “Queen of the Reich” complete with Tate’s signature opening scream brought the house down. The crowd sang along, their voices blending with the music, creating a moment of pure rock communion!  It was a triumphant return to Louisville for Geoff Tate!

Geoff Tate was joined on stage this evening by his international band featuring Irish lead guitarist James Brown along with French guitarist Amaury Altmayer and Italian guitarist Dario Parente along with long-time bass player Jack Ross from Scotland and drummer Danny Laverde from Cincinnati, Ohio.  

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