Static-X at the MegaCorp Pavilion in Newport, KY 27-FEB-24

Static-X and Sevendust provide awesome One, Two punch on final stops of the Machine Killer Tour

On a damp and slightly balmy Tuesday evening the MegaCorp Pavilion in Newport, Kentucky transformed into a pulsating cauldron of industrial metal energy. The Machine Killer Tour rolled into town, bringing with it a lineup that promised an electrifying night of fiery music. Co-Headlining the show was none other than Static-X and Sevendust along with friends Dope and Lines Of Loyalty.

With the stage clouded in dense fog and backlit from the stage length screen, the house lights dropped and the crowd erupted as Static-X emerged. Fronted by the enigmatic Xer0, along with founding members bassist Tony Campos, the Osaka assassin, Koichi Fukuda on guitar and drummer Ken Jay, Static-X wasted no time launching immediately into “Hollow,” “Terminator Oscillator” and “Love Dump” that had the entire venue jumping.

It wasn’t just the music that held our attention. The dramatic full stage screens flanking the band added a visual dimension that elevated the entire experience. Abstract visuals, glitchy animations, and snippets from their music videos danced across the screens, syncing perfectly with the music. It was like stepping into a cyberpunk fever dream. The tours, these shows are possible because of the support and endorsement of Wayne’s family with the sole intention to remember Wayne and to keep the vibe and energy familiar, so that the spirit of Static-X and Wayne live on.”

Over the course of the next hour all of the classic Static-X songs came rolling from the stage including “Wisconsin Death Trip,” “Bled for Days,” “Black and White,” “Get to the Gone,” ”Cold” and “I’m With Stupid”. The energy was infectious, and the venue shook with every beat.

And then came the moment we’d been waiting for—the anthemic “Push It.” closed the evening. The crowd erupted, fists pumping, voices raised. The stage screens pulsed with hypnotic patterns, amplifying the song’s intensity. It was a communion of sound and light, a testament to the band’s mastery!

Before the main event, the crowd was treated to a triple dose of adrenaline. Co-Headlining this evening was none other than Sevendust! Known for their melodic yet hard-hitting sound and the booming voice of frontman extraordinaire, Lajon Witherspoon, Sevendust’s performance was a perfect blend of power and emotion, captivating the audience from the first note. You know you are in for a great set when the intro song blaring over the venue loudspeakers was Karen Carpenter and “We’ve Only Just Begun!”.   The evenings set was focused on the bands newest album,  Truth Killer  with “I Might Let The Devil Win” and the title track starting the evening off but also included fan favorites “Denial,” “Black” and “Enemy”!    

New York based Nu-metalers, Dope was next to take the MegaCorp Pavilion stage, delivering a much too short but hard driving set that left no room for subtlety. Their raw energy and aggressive riffs set the tone for the night.  Dope finished their set, in their usual fashion, with what Edsel Dope described as “possibly the stupidest song you have ever heard” and offered some advice for the kids in the crowd, “This song is a lesson to be careful about what you wish for because you may be paying the price for the rest of your life”. The closing song of the set, from the 2000 horror movie American Psycho, “You Spin Me Round” (Like a Record). On stage with Edsel Dope tonight was guitarist Acey Slade, bassist Daniel Fox and drummer Chris Warner.

With the doors opening a bit earlier than usual Kenosha, Wisconsin based Lines Of Loyalty started the evening off with a solid set of original songs. Lines of Loyalty is Glenn “Nubz” Morrison (vocals, guitar), Redo Ianni (bass, vocals, keys), and Brayden Pike (drums, percussion).

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