Story of the Year at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA 20-JAN-24

Story of the Year leaves powerful mark on hungry Atlanta fans with We The Kings and Youth Fountain

Review and Images by Trey Brunn

Story Of The Year is currently in the midst of their ‘Page Avenue’ 20th Anniversary Tour, which spans across 45 cities and 3 countries.  Page Avenue, the band’s debut album was released in 2003 and is arguably still as smashing, if not more so, as when it first hit radio airwaves.   The album was certified Gold by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) in 2004 and was later certified Platinum in 2021.  The OG quartet of Dan Marsala (vocals), Adam Russell (bass), Ryan Phillips (guitar), Josh Wills (drums), continue to deliver one of the most engaging and passionate live shows you’ll ever see, and Saturday at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA was a show I won’t soon forget.

After opening their set with of the album’s mainstream hits, such as Anthem of Our Dying Day, Marsala took a moment to welcome the crowd, acknowledge the two bands who opened, and express the band’s gratitude to their fans, both new & old.  This was my first time seeing them live but as soon as the began playing, I was immediately taken back to my teenage years and what it felt like when I first heard their music.  As the band made their way through Page Avenue, they also mixed in tracks from their other albums, which include In the Wake of Determination, The Black Swan, The Constant, Wolves, and Tear Me to Pieces.  A small technical difficulty that occurred during the track Falling Down didn’t slow them down, and it actually made for a good bit of on-stage humor from Marsala and they seamlessly kept the show moving like true & seasoned pros.  The appropriately built-up anticipation to them playing the album’s staple record Until The Day I Die, with their penultimate song being a medley of tracks from artists they toured with & met through their years on the road and in the music business.  After playing Until The Day I Die, the band gave a final salute to the post-hardcore faithful who came out, and made their way off stage to a full house of applause. 

It’s always special when you get to see one of your favorite bands and this was no different.  Growing up on their music and getting to see them perform music those same tracks, with the same intensity, tightness, and sound was something special and only deepened my affection for the band.  Their ability to make a high energy show feel equally electric and intimate is uniquely one of a kind, and I’m sure a big reason why their fan base has only grown since their debut in 2003.

Providing the main support on the evening was Florida based We The Kings, who have been on the Page Avenue Tour since January 5th of this year.  They warmed the crowd right up, playing fan favorites such as Check Yes Juliet and Don’t Speak Liar.  Additional support was provided by the Vancouver, BC based outfit, Youth Fountain.  Frontman Tyler Zanon has the crowd engaged and rocking from their opening track and their performance undoubtedly gained them many new followers.

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