Nonpoint at The Mercury Ballroom In Louisville, KY 12-DEC-23

Nonpoint Electrifies Louisville on their Ten Million Watts tour with Hed PE, Sumo Cyco and Vrsty.

Christmas came a bit early for Louisville music fans as Florida based rockers, Nonpoint brought their “Ten Million Watts tour” to the Mercury Ballroom for a rousing evening of non-stop, in your face rock. “A Million Watts” is the 3rd single from the band’s recently released EP, Heartless which is available digitally and as a limited-edition old school cassette along with a Nonpoint branded, Bluetooth enabled cassette player.   The 12-stop tour which began in Harrisburg, PA on December 1st covered 8 states and two Canadian provinces before ending with back-to-back nights at the famous Machine Shop in Flint, MI which were live streamed for fans.

A cold December evening in the Commonwealth greeted fans as they piled into the Mercury Ballroom for the evening. This is not the first time Nonpoint has played in Louisville, nor the first time I have seen them and every time I have the same feeling – Like I am stealing something great for my own self-indulgence. Elias (frontman Elias Soriano), Rob (drummer Robb Rivera), Rasheed (guitarist Rasheed Thomas, Adam (bassist Adam Woloszyn) and Jason (lead guitarist Jason Zeilstra) always seem to deliver a tight and high energy show and with a long catalog of hits and memorable songs to draw from and tonight was no different.  Opening with a powerhouse 1-2-3 punch of “A Million Watts,” “Chaos and Earthquakes” and “What a Day” set the tone for the evening in a great way. With massive dreadlock hair whips, soaring vocals and sizzling guitar riffs, Nonpoint kept the energy level sky-high as “Milestone,” “Breaking Skin” and “Spanish 102” filled out the middle part of the set-list.

Saving a little a surprise till the end of the evening, Elias welcomed Sumo Cyco vocalist Skye Sweetnam on stage for a fiery rendition of “That Day” that was easily one of the memorable moments of the evening before closing the evening with “Ruthless”, mega-hit “Bullet With a Name” and finally “Tribute”. An evening with Nonpoint ALWAYS makes for a special and memorable evening and tonight was no different. The guys already have an expansive calendar set for 2024 and are one of the must see shows in the New Year.

Providing the main support this evening is Hed PE.  Touring in support of their latest album Detox , which debuted as the #1 album on iTunes Metal charts in both the USA and Canada, Hed PE had the venue moovin’ and goovin’ as they laid down their “G-Punk” sound (a high energy fusion of gangsta rap and punk rock).  While tonight’s set didn’t include any songs from the aforementioned album, it was chock full of fan favorites including “Blackout”, a rousing Wailers cover of “Get Up, Stand Up” and “Bartender” before closing with “Renegade”

 A fun, lively and high energy set from Hamilton, Ontario based Sumo Cyco sure moved the party to a whole new level. Fronted by Fronted by vocalist Skye Sweetnam along with guitarist Matt Drake, bassist Oscar Anesetti, and drummer Joey Muha, Sumo Cyco was a blur on stage with Skye out in the middle of the crowd numerous times riling up the Louisville crowd and gaining plenty of new followers along the way.

Opening the evening was New York City rockers VRSTY with an all too short set of R&B & post-hardcore infused rock.

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