Glory by The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons 4th studio album, Glory, is deep, emotional and moving!

Review by Ike Thomas

The Glorious Sons have questions, deep questions about life and all that comes with it. And they also have something to say about it. Their fourth album Glory opens the door to what is and what could be, where it could lead and where it could all end up.

Glory leads the listener through an introspective look at real life, examining the thoughts, emotions, and experiences that make up the human experiment in much the same way a beautiful painting requires proper lighting in order to be fully and truly revealed to the beholder.

Generating strong beats and reaching into a deep, thoughtful place Glory makes the case that this album deserves more than a casual listen. With exceptional musicianship, production, and composition Glory is a wonderfully balanced album with sparkling tones and crisp notes that blend to generate a powerful tension while at the same time balancing that with delicate, compassionate feeling musical passages. The music and lyrics of Glory are deserving of close attention. And your attention will be greatly rewarded. Glory is a deep dive album that delivers an experience for the tuned in listener.

Mercy Mercy
House Lights
Speed of Light
Lightning Bolt
You Stay Young
Time Will Reign Down on Me
Cosmic Beam

Foregoing a track by track, note by note, and word by word rendering of Glory seems most appropriate because this album deserves to be appreciated in its aggregate. Glory is a proper album laid out in a thoughtful, purposeful, and thematic fashion with song lengths that artistically serve the music rather than serving streaming optimization. It’s a musical portrait whose colors may strike you differently in different light, attesting to the depth and doubtless longevity of Glory.

Let it speak to you personally, individually, because it will. In whispers and shouts, in back of the mind thoughts it will take you places if you get on board and go for the ride with The Glorious Sons. When you’ve found the proper space in your head and your heart for Glory, I believe you’ll keep it there for a lifetime. Hold this one close, it’s special.

Glorious Sons have shone their light on this album and it is indeed shining beautifully and brightly for them.

The Glorious Sons
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