Eye of the Skull by Stonecutters

Stonecutters blistering new release, Eye of the Skull, hits all right marks!

Review by Ike Thomas

Louisville, Kentucky’s Stonecutters sixth album Eye of the Skull powers its way through your ear holes, by-passes the medulla oblongata, and drives straight into the scary, dark, deep parts of your skull normally reserved only for metal parking and those thoughts you (may) have that you wouldn’t dare ever share.

The four-piece Stonecutters originated in 2005 and their current lineup (Brian Omer on Guitar/vocals, guitarist Chris Leffler, bassist Jayce Wraley and drummer Johnny Wooldridge) delivers a musical maturity with well-honed chops that shine through right from the start. Speed, precision, power, and passion are delivered with a continuity that commands the listener take notice.  

Eye of the Skull Track-listing
The Search for Rest
One Of Us
Brittle Chains
Within the Mind
Eye of the Skull
Worms Will Feast
Melting Moon
Planet Chaos
Til the Last Blooddrop

Eye of the Skull opens with the blistering track Scowlers, in case you wondered which door you just stepped through. Nothing is left to doubt. The ferocity and fire with which this whole album is delivered is on full display right from this first track.

The opening guitar work on the title track Eye of the Skull is masterfully spun, beautifully weaving about and through,  to me reminiscent of the perfectly balanced and complimentary guitar craft of bands long ago like the Byrds or Wishbone Ash. It really sits well.

Worms Will Feast…. rips, absolutely rips. Just when I was certain I didn’t possess a soul I believe I actually felt one leave my body during this song. That’s okay, I wasn’t using it anyway. Make this song your ringtone as a handy conversation starter.

If I had to choose, I think my favorite track is Brittle Chains which showcases a delicate, melodic start before building in phases for what is a really nice composition. But there isn’t a reason to not love every single song on this album. Why choose one when you can enjoy them all, right?

Eye of the Skull is strong through and through. The heavy guitar tones are brilliantly controlled to deliver the intricate music accurately and clearly. Quality musicianship, powerful songwriting, well recorded and produced; all these ingredients blend to create a dynamic, ferocious, and highly listenable album.

In summation:

Stonecutters Eye of the Skull: 8 tracks, 25 minutes, 0.0 disappointments.  Note: The CD includes 2 additional songs, not found on the digital release.

Stonecutters – Johnny Wooldridge, Brian Omer, Jayce Wraley & Chris Leffler

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