Snail Mail at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville, KY 28-AUG-22

A fun evening with Snail Mail at the Sold-Out Headliners Music Hall with Momma and Hotline TNT

Review and photos by Emily May

Snail Mail, the American indie rock solo project of guitarist and singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan, performed recently to a sold out crowd in Louisville, KY on her current tour in support of her sophomore album, Valentine. The line of fans was long as they eagerly awaited the opening of the doors and the hopes of getting as close to the front as possible! Having performed as Snail Mail since 2015, she has amassed a large and passionate fanbase over the past few years.

Starting the evening out was Hotline TNT, the shoegaze/indie rock project of singer-songwriter Will Anderson. “Thanks for being here early tonight!”, he told the crowd early on. He then joked, “You’re a good audience! If this was a bad audience, I’d run out of here screaming. I’ve done it before. This is awesome!”. Packing a nice variety of songs into a relatively short set, it was apparent that they had the crowds attention, who were dancing along to their songs and laughing at Anderson’s witty stage banter. A few songs in, Anderson told the crowd, “I never do this but I’m going to do this right now for Louisville! I’m going to introduce the band!”, before launching into their song “Slider”. As they ended their set, he told the crowd “One more slow song, then one more fast song, then we’re done”, before leading each half of the room in a cheer-off! It was a great warm up to the evening!

Next up was LA indie rock band Momma, fronted by singers, songwriters, and guitarists Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten. Starting things off with “Rip Off”, from their latest album Household Name, they proceeded to perform a nice mix of songs from the new album, such as “Speeding 72”, “Medicine”, and “Motorbike”, along with older tracks “Derby” and “Biohazard”. They also performed a great cover of The Breeder’s “Divine Hammer”. Giving off a fun and energetic 90’s vibe, they had a crowd full of fans who were having a great time singing and dancing throughout the set!

Next up was Snail Mail, coming out on stage to soft lighting and roses circling the keyboard, drums, and mic stands, lending a nice visual! “What’s up?”, Jordan asked the crowd. “It’s been a while! It’s good to be back in Louisville! We’re Snail Mail.” Starting things out with “Heat Wave” and “Speaking Terms” from her 2018 album Lush, she and her band had the crowd in high spirits and singing along to every song from the first note. Touring in support of 2021’s Valentine, she and her band played plenty of songs from the album, including “Headlock”, “Glory”, “Madonna”, and “Ben Franklin”. In addition to performing with her band, Jordan also sang a couple of songs solo, with only the band’s guitarist on stage with her, lending a more intimate moment to the evening. Thanking the crowd for coming out this evening, the band ended the set with “Pristine”. It was a really fun night, with an amazing and euphoric energy filling the room throughout the evening! 

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