Richard Marx releases his new rock song “Shame On You” co-written with his son Jesse Marx.

Forthcoming Album And Shelter Records Debut Songwriter Out September 30th.

Album Also Features Contributions From Lifehouse’s Jason Wade, Chris Daughtry, Darius Rucker And More.


Today, Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and best-selling author Richard Marx releases “Shame On You,” co-written with his son Jesse Marx and the first of five rock songs from his upcoming album/Shelter Records debut, Songwriter out September 30th.  

“Shame On You” is one of 20 songs on Songwriter ranging from country and pop to rock and ballads. Marx said in a recent interview with People Magazine, “The chameleon part of me as a songwriter has always been there and it’s always been natural.” While several of the songs on Songwriter were composed by Richard alone (as on all of his previous albums), collaborations with various music superstars make up the majority of the music. The rock section of the album includes co-writes with Matt Scanell of Vertical Horizon, Chris Daughtry, Lifehouse’s Jason Wade and more. Additional co-writers featured on the album include Burt Bacharach, Darius Rucker, former Evanescence founder, David Hodges and more.

Listen to “Shame On You” here:

Recently Marx unveiled the first country song off the album, “One Day Longer,” a co-write with long-time collaborator Keith Urban. You can listen to “One Day Longer” here: 

Although Marx is best known for his pop and power ballads, he has credits across the rock landscape having written with The Tubes, Vertical Horizon, Daughtry, Lifehouse, Default, Sister Hazel and many more. Rock song “Edge of a Broken Heart” by Vixen, co-written by Marx even hit #26 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1988. 

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Marx has spawned seven Top 5 singles, including “Hold on to the Nights” and “Don’t Mean Nothing,” which earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance and No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Album Rock chart. He is the only male artist whose first seven singles reached the Top 5. 

Richard has also written on a No. 1 single in each of the last four decades, an accolade previously only reached by Michael Jackson. He has written with numerous artists, including “To Where You Are,” the first hit single from Josh Groban’s debut album, and the NSYNC smash, “This I Promise You. He went on to earn a 2004 Song of the Year Grammy for co-authoring Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father.” Overall, he has scored 14 No. 1 singles (including Keith Urban’s No. 1 smash “Long Hot Summer”), both as a performer and as a songwriter/producer, revealing him a true multi-talented performer who continues to challenge himself and his fans.

Same Heartbreak Different Day (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx, Michael Jade)
Believe In Me (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx)
Anything (Richard Marx/Bruce Weigner)
Moscow Calling (Richard Marx)
Only A Memory (Richard Marx/Adam Messinger)
Shame On You (Richard Marx/Jesse Marx)
Just Go (Richard Marx)
My Love, My Enemy (Richard Marx/Matt Scannell)
One More Yesterday (Richard Marx/Chris Daughtry/Jason Wade)
We Are Not Alone (Ricard Marx/Jesse Marx)
Everything I’ve Got (Richard Marx)
One Day Longer (Richard Marx/Keith Urban)
Breaking My Heart (Richard Marx/Darius Rucker/David Hodges)
Misery Loves Company (Richard Marx/Lucas Marx/Bruce Weigner)
We Had It All (Richard Marx/Randy Hauser/Brice Long)
Always (Richard Marx/Burt Bacharach)
Still In My Heart (Richard Marx/Richard Page)
As If We’ll Never Love Again (Richard Marx/Gary Burr)
Never After (Richard Marx/Topher Brown)
Maybe (Richard Marx)

Songwriter begins another busy year for Richard Marx who last Summer released his best-selling memoir Stories To Tell, available now via Simon & Schuster. The literary debut recounts the singer/songwriter’s life and career — where all throughout he offers a ruminative and refreshingly candid account of his successes and failures in the music industry as he’s experienced it over the last four decades. Also released last year was The Vault – Vol. 1, the first in a multi-run series of colored vinyl EPs featuring unreleased demos and early material. 

This summer, Marx will head out on the road in Europe before returning to the US this fall for a run of US headlining tour dates. See the full list of tour dates below and more info here: 

Stay tuned for more to come on Richard Marx and Songwriter soon.


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