Boz Scaggs at the Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville, KY 11-AUG-22

Grammy award winners Boz Scaggs and Robert Cray are simply dazzling in Louisville!

Everyone has their dream concert lineup(s)! Maybe their dream lineup is based on childhood/young adult memories or maybe it is based on the music during a particular time period in your life or even the musician’s importance in music, it’s not often that dream line-up becomes an actual tour and comes to your city. On a perfect evening under the stars at Louisville’s Iroquois Amphitheater blues legends Boz Scaggs and Robert Cray were one of these dream concert lineups who treated fans to an awesome evening of blues that will not soon be forgotten.

At a little after 9:30pm the house Amphitheater house lights dropped and the moment everyone was waiting had arrived as Boz Scaggs sauntered on stage to a nice ovation. Without hesitation Boz rolled straight into the opening songs of the evening “What Can I Say” from his legendary 1976 solo album Silk Degrees, followed by the slick and soulful “JoJo” from his 1980 Middle Man album and finally the title track from 1984’s “Some Change” album.  The evening felt like time had rolled back to the late 70’s-early 80’s as Boz’s voice, at 78 years young, was smooth right along with his guitar mastery and along with his supporting cast featuring guitarist Mike Miller, drummer Teddy Campbell, Willie Weeks on bass, Eric Crystal on sax/keyboards, keyboardist Michael Logan, and Branlie Mejias-Sanchez contributing percussion and vocals created a setting for a memorable evening.

Expertly mixing in a few newer songs from his latest album Out of the Blues like the Magic Sam cover of “I’ve Just Got to Know along with “Those Lies” and “Radiator 110” with fan favorites “Miss Riddle”, a tribute to Bobby “Blue” Bland with a cover of “The Feeling Is Gone,” “Harbor Lights” and “Look What You’ve Done to Me” there was a little something special for everyone.  With the evening winding down and the crowd anticipation growing, Boz Scaggs wasn’t going to get out of Louisville without playing mega hits and fan favorites “Loan Me a Dime,” “Lido Shuffle” before ending the magical evening with a rousing rendition of “Lowdown” complete with a standing ovation from the very appreciative Louisville crowd.

Providing the main support on this tour blues legend Robert Cray and his band.  After opening his Louisville set “Anything You Want” and a ripping rendition of “You Can’t Make Me Change” Robert addressed the crowd for the first (of two) times saying, “It seems strange to be saying good evening while the sun is still out” which drew a chuckle from the crowd before rolling into fan favorite “Poor Johnny”.

After each song an increasing ovation from the swelling appreciative crowd of fans came pouring toward the stage. Not much for on stage banter and letting the music do all the talking this evening Robert Cray played hits “Phone Booth,” “I Guess I Showed Her,” “You Move Me” before ending his time on stage in Louisville with an emotional and moving rendition of “Time Makes Two” and a enthusiastic standing ovation.   

With Robert Cray on stage this evening were drummer Les Falconer, Dover Weinberg on keyboards and the amazing Richard Cousins on bass.

Opening the evening was singer-songwriter Jeff LeBlanc.   

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