Nonpoint at Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, KY 24-JUN-22

Nonpoint closes out US tour run with a fiery show in Lexington along with VRSTY, Softspoken and The Difference Between

Nonpoint is one of those bands that you make sure to see every time they come to a town or city near you.  The guys are appreciative of their fans, approachable, always seem to have smiles on their faces and the overall energy and tenacity they bring to the stage each night is everything a fan can ask. This evening was the final stop of their Taken Apart and Put Back Together tour which saw the guys perform 23 shows in 36 days travelling from LA to Wisconsin and all parts in between. They are also supporting their latest EP titled Ruthless which was released on December 27th through the band’s independent record label 361 Degrees Records LLC.

There was a fun and loose atmosphere inside Manchester Music Hall this evening as the opening bands strutted their stuff but things noticeably amped up as R&B and post-hardcore infused band from New York City, VRSTY took to the Lexington stage. VRSTY has several songs on rotation on Sirius Xm’s Octane channel and the band treated Lexington to all of them including their mega hits “Shameless,” “Massive,” “Dig” and a raging rendition of “Lovesick_” from their most recent album Welcome Home.

The last show of the tour antics started early during the VRSTY set as the Nonpoint guys tossed toilet paper streamers on stage, dumped copious amounts of baby powder into drummer Chris Cody’s on stage fan creating an enormous baby powder cloud and even served shots to the band in-between one of the songs. Not to be outdone, Elias and the guys, dressed as cheerleaders, rolled on stage during “Soul” to help sing and amp up the crowd.  

VRSTY is vocalist Joey Varela in (vocals), bassist/vocals Javy Dorrejo, guitarist Paul Gregory and Chris Cody on drums

As the house lights dropped for the final time It was time for Nonpoint to take over and take over is what they did! Blasting onto the Lexington stage like a white hot meteor and straight into the title track of their latest EP, “Ruthless”, Nonpoint had the room immediately bouncing. There are a lot of great singers fronting metal and rock bands, but Elias Siriano stands out in the way he connects and engages with the crowd while coaxing them to give every ounce of energy they have. The end of the tour antics didn’t stop with Nonpoint on stage as the guys from VRSTY returned favor by pouring baby powder in Robb Rivera’s on stage fan and even brought blankets and pillows on stage, pretending to sleep during one of the songs.

Elias, Robb, Rasheed (Thomas), Adam (Woloszyn) and Jaysin (Zeilstra) were clearly ready to party and have some fun tonight egging the Lexington crowd to “go harder” during a blazing renditions of “Milestone” and “Dodge your Destiny” and urging the room to make some memories tonight before dropping into “Breaking Skin” and “Miracle”.

Nonpoint closed out the evening and their tour in rapid fire fashion starting with “Chaos and Earthquakes” followed by That Day With VRSTY singer Joey Varela sharing vocals and finally a fiery rendition of the bands mega hit “Bullet With a Name”.  All in all it was an awesome evening of high energy music performed by an outstanding band that left Lexington fans sweaty, tired and content – it was a perfect evening!

Kicking the evening off were Modern Post-Hardcore Metalcore band from Florence, Kentucky, Softspoken performing in support of their latest EP Where the Heart Belongs and Moody & Gloomy Post-Hardcore from Lexington, Kentucky, The Difference Between performingin support of their debut EP Old Ghosts.

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