Tesla at The Louisville Palace in Louisville, KY 21-JUN-22

Louisville rocks with Tesla on a great evening of timeless music.

There is little debate around Tesla’s place in the rock music world. With prominent hits like “Little Suzi,” “The Way It Is” and power ballad “Love Song” and albums like Mechanical Resonance and the follow-up The Great Radio Controversy its easy to see why Louisville fans jumped at the opportunity to see Tesla at the picturesque Louisville Palace on their “LET’S GET REAL!” tour.

With a sizeable mid-week crowd poised and ready to rock/party, Tesla wasted no time getting the evening off to a fast start, beginning with hit songs “Modern Day Cowboy” and sing along song ‘Hang Tough”. Front man Jeff Keith was all smiles throughout the evening, often engaging with fans closest to the stage and he couldn’t have sounded better.  Guitarist and co-founder (along with bassist Brian Wheat) Frank Hannon also seemed to be having a grand time this evening while tearing through the guitar soaring riffs for songs like “Cold Blue Steel” and a sneak peek preview of Tesla’s newest single “Rock Me To The Top”.  Over the course of the evening Tesla covered all the “bases” this evening (the Louisville show set-list is below) and based on the buzz from fan’s leaving the Palace at the end of the show everyone was thoroughly satisfied! 

Along with Jeff Keith, Frank Hannon and Brian wheat on stage in Louisville were longtime guitarist Dave Rude and Steve Brown on drums.   Tesla is only a few shows into their long summer Let’s Get Real! tour schedule and this is not a show to be missed!  

Tesla Louisville Set list
Modern Day Cowboy
Hang Tough
Cold Blue Steel
Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)
Mama’s Fool
The Way It Is
Rock Me to the Top
Call It What You Want
What You Give
Edison’s Medicine (Man Out of Time)
Love Song
Little Suzi (Ph.D. cover)
Time to Rock
Signs (Five Man Electrical Band cover)

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