Guerrilla Red release intense new video for “Merry Go Round”

From upcoming album Assault, due to be released by the end of the year

Kentucky based Nu-Metal band, Guerrilla Red have released their latest single and video “Merry Go Round” from their upcoming album Assault.

Frontman Steven Stith on “Merry Go Round”: “The song is about having someone who makes you feel like nothing you ever do is enough and everything is your fault, until you reach the breaking point and take back a feeling of self

“Merry Go Round” was recorded at the world renowned Dark Horse Recording studio with Grammy Award winning producer David Hagen. The video was shot and directed by Herschel Zahnd.

Formed in 2015, Guerrilla Red is a bass driven, riff infused, in your face music experience taking influences from hip-hop and jazz and melding it with the loud aggressiveness of metalcore and hardcore, while still maintaining a melodic undertone.

Guerrilla Red is vocalist Steven Stith, drummer Richard Dewey, guitarist Matt O’Riordan and bassist Erik Marchand.

Guerrilla Red
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