Badflower at The Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY 01-MAY-22

Badflower closes out highly successful US tour to a sold out Mercury Ballroom with ’68 and Brkn Love

With only 6 days remaining to the running of the 148th Kentucky Derby the Louisville area is buzzing with activity. One of the hottest places to be on this Sunday night was the Mercury Ballroom, where Badflower closed out the US Leg of their “This is How the World Continues’ Tour with a sold out show.

Tonight’s show was one of the loosest and most entertaining shows of the year! It was clear that there was a lot of love, appreciation, and camaraderie among the bands this evening. The shenanigans started in the middle of Brkn Love’s set as Josh Scogin and Nikko Yamada of ’68 suddenly appeared on stage, rubbing peppermint scented oil on shirtless frontman Justin Benolo and drummer Russell Holtzman. The guys couldn’t stop laughing as the smell of peppermint floated across the crowd. The favor was returned a bit later as the guys from Badflower appeared on stage during ‘68’s set, perched on wooden stools holding up scoring signs as the guys rolled through their songs again creating fun and loose moments during the set. In fact, as ‘68’s set was winding down and Josh was systematically removing parts of Nikko’s drumset the guys from Brkn Love rushed on stage, replacing the missing pieces with pieces of their drum set, all of this while Nikko never missed a beat in the song.

Onstage, opener Brkn Love rolled through a short but energetic set of original songs which included “Like A Drug,” “Dead Weight” and “Shot Down”.  Providing main support this evening was Atlanta based power-duo ’68. Josh Scogin on guitar and vocals and drummer Nikko Yamada blazed through a high energy set that just cannot be described, it really needs to be experienced live. 

As the stage lights came up a huge roar greeted Badflower to the Mercury Ballroom stage.  Wasting little time, the guys launched into the opening songs of the evening “White Noise,” “Fukboi” and huge fan favorite “Don’t Hate Me” from 2021’s This is How the World Ends album, setting the evening off to a fast start. Taking a moment to address the sold out crowd Josh Katz mentioned that this was the last show of the US Tour playfully commenting “This is our Last show in the US… Forever … we are moving to mars” drawing a laugh from the crowd.

While the show may have started out hot and heavy it soon turned into an open and loose set with Josh interacting with the crowd after almost every song, the band even signed a shoe from a fan in the crowd while waiting for something behind him to get set-up.  Josh, Badflower, and the whole venue were clearly having a great time, singing right along with huge hits “The Jester” and “Ghost” which created a couple of very memorable moments of the evening.

With the main set winding down, Brkn Love drummer Russell Holtzman and ’68 drummer Nikko Yamada joined Badflower drummer Anthony Sonetti at the end of “Stalker” for a raucous 3-way drum off that the whole venue was clearly enjoying before ending their main set with “Family” to another great ovation.   With the stage completely dark and the entire venue chanting “One More song” the guys from both Brkn Love and ’68 appeared on stage as the house lights came up for the encore, ready to oblige the fans again drawing smiles and cheers from the fans.  Badflower closed out their time in Louisville as well as their time in the US with “We’re in Love” and “30” leaving several hundred Louisvillians happy and satisfied!  

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