Kirra release video for Ferocious “Flesh Gives Way”

Oklahoma City rockers, Kirra start off 2022 in a great way with release of “Flesh Gives Way”

Header image by Chris Rodgers

During the height of the pandemic, KIRRA was underground writing music despite having just released their album “Redefine” a few months earlier. “Flesh Gives Way” was one of the diamonds that stood out. Very soon after, KIRRA hit the road with Sevendust to test out the new material and it received such an overwhelmingly positive response that the guys knew they had to head into the studio right away to get it out.

“Flesh Gives Way” is a ferocious song with a heavy groove that is bound to get your head moving and your fist in the air. The song touches on what someones goes through when deviating from the crowd, dealing with doubt, having gratitude for the moment, as well as recognizing our own finitude. “Flesh Gives Way” is out now and you can listen on KIRRA’s website

About Kirra:

The band’s new full-length album entitled Redefine was released on January 31st, 2020 and received critical acclaim from dozens of press, media and radio outlets worldwide. The songs cover a myriad of emotional topics, and the first single goes right for the jugular! Highlights on the album include “Caving In“, where the band talks about standing in the face of things around one’s life collapsing and confronting those issues steadfast to resolution. The second single “Free” fundamentally rejects the slippery slope of censorship and policing of people’s thoughts while outlining the conflicting relationship between technology and freedom. “Passageway” is the third single and it details the path one must travel to get out of toxic environments that prevent people from achieving their full potential, while not accepting the fate of others as one’s own. Redefine was produced by Daxton Page and mastered by Matt Mercado (Soil, The Outfit, Candlebox). Have a listen and be blown away!

Kirra is:
Gabriel Parson – Vocals
Daxton Page – Guitar/Vocals
Ryne McNeill – Bass/Vocals
Zach Stafford – Drums

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