Controlled Burn by Blind Scryer

Blind Scryer’s sophmore release, Controlled Burn stands out!

Review by Hunter Correll

You may not be familiar with Blind Scryer (Stoner Rock/Metal band from Louisville, Kentucky) but you should be!

Blind Scryer’s second release, Controlled Burn released on February 25th, 2022, is like a twilight ride on a well loved, rarely traveled country road in the back hills of Kentucky; unique artistry deeply rooted in a well-worn landscape. They’ve expanded the palette created with their self-titled album in to having such a sexy swagger. You just have to move.

Drummer Trent Combs and bassist Jeremy Stein keep this groove teetering between calculated swing and doom unleashed. It’s almost as if Blind Scryer are able to keep this balance due to how much they know their art…a “controlled burn”…how apropos. The mix gives guiratists Jeff Smith and River Jordan a mountainous plateau to dose you with their ear worm leads. All of this gives Blair Yoke and his insane pipes (heh) the room to captivate and lead you on this smoky, druidic trip. Sit back, spark or crack it, and slake your thirst with “Controlled Burn.” Ope!

Almost forgot: #fucktrentcombs

Controlled Burn – Track list
1 Drude Awakening
2. Laid Bare
3. Controlled Burn

After their album release party on February 26th at The Mag Bar in Louisville, (with Horseburner and Baptise) Blind Scryer hit the road with a 9 stop tour beginning on March 11th in Nashville, with stops in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas!

Blind Scryer is:
Blair Yoke – Vocals
Jeff Smith – Guitar
River Jordan – Guitar
Jeremy Stein – Bass/Cello
Trent Combs – Drums

Blind Scryer
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