Geoff Tate at the Vogue Theatre in Indianapolis, In and The Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati, OH 21/22-Jan-22

Geoff Tate brings the heat to Indianapolis and Cincinnati with a Fiery evening of legendary music along with Ivory Lake.

Hello 2022!  Concertgoers worldwide are ever hopeful that 2022 is a return to some normalcy and are excited that venues and artists are starting to fill up their calendars with gigs as quickly as possible. Bands and artists also have high hopes that the Covid pandemic of 2020 & 2021 is a thing of the past and the Sky’s the limit for 2022

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that in early in 2020 legendary front-man, Geoff Tate had announced a long coast to coast US tour performing two of the more important rock albums of the 80’s, Rage for Order and Empire in their entirety. Over the past almost 24 months Geoff Tate had scheduled, canceled, and rescheduled tour dates all over the world but as 2022 starts Geoff is on the road with a vengeance. Starting with a 17 show US tour that beginning in Minnesota and running through early February with 2 nights in Memphis before he boards the Monsters of Rock cruise on February 9th , Geoff’s 2022 calendar is already stacked! If all goes to plan, Geoff will visit several countries between now and early summer including Finland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, Scotland and for the first time ever Brazil and Chile!

Taking full advantage of Geoff’s torrid current schedule, we were able to take in back to back shows at the Vogue Theater in Indianapolis and at The Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati the following evening where we were able to experience both the Rage to Order and Empire albums, in order and in their entirety.

In Indy, a great crowd filled the Vogue’s ballroom floor in front of the stage and the ring around the balcony was full as Geoff Tate strutted on stage and straight into “Walk in The Shadows” from Rage for Order, setting the night off to a hot start.  For almost 2 hours Geoff, along with lead guitarist Keiran Robertson, guitarist James Brown, Bassist Jack Ross and drummer Danny Laverde rocked through the remainder of “Rage for Order” and “Empire with surgeon-like precision. Geoff was sharp and entertaining this evening and the crowd was fully engaged, singing many of the songs right with Geoff. Geoff and the guys wrapped up and awesome evening treating Cincinnati fans with a couple of bonus songs, “Last Time in Paris” and “Take Hold of the Flame”.   

Check out the video from Cincinnati below:

Geoff Tate at The Ludlow Garate in Cincinnati,OH on Saturday January 22nd, 2022
Video by Jason Schwartz

The vibe at The Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati was abuzz as you walked down the stairs into this unique venue minutes before Geoff was set to hit the stage. The seats in the venue were worthless as the almost sold out crowd were up and crowding to the stage as the first notes of the opening song resonated through the room.  Like the previous evening in Indy, the room was fully engaged in the show, pouring out energy, singing every word of every song as the guys rolled through the two albums.

Geoff and the band were tight, sharp, having a blast on stage and sounded great!  There are a number of US tour stops before the guys take their show abroad and If you have an opportunity to catch this show on an upcoming tour stop, don’t miss it!

Opening the shows on this US tour is Ivory Lake. Ivory Lake is the solo project of drummer and singer/songwriter Josh Watts. If you are a fan of Geoff Tate, you may be familiar with Josh as he was the drummer of Tate’s band during the singer’s 2019 tour, performing over 100 shows in 26 countries in just six months with Geoff. Touring in support of his solo debut EP, Pillows and on his first US tour Josh shined with an acoustic set drawing of predominantly from his Debut EP.

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