Metalcore Band As Within, So Without Release Their Single/Album Titled ‘SALVATION’

From Their New AlbumSALVATION

As Within, So Without release their next single/video “Salvation” along with their album Salvation. Previous releases from their album – “Like The Wind” and “My Revelation” have set the tone for As Within, So Without (AWSW) and their listeners. The album, SALVATION, is driven by stellar metalcore nuances and is built on the heart of who AWSW is. SALVATION delivers the kinetic energy listeners are desiring, and their music perpetually takes up residence in your brain.

Through their music, AWSW has built a community and a family of unity under their metalcore sound. They want to continue this journey as their message comes from the heart of their album. SALVATION, is AWSW’s very own story.

“Salvation” is the newest single from their album Salvation, available now!

Our new album Salvation is a concept album about a man on a spiritual journey to healing. Writing Salvation brought us together as friends and bandmates during an uncertain time in the band where things felt darker than ever. To say we are proud of this body of work is an understatement.”- As Within, So Without

“You will find salvationIn the evergreens

Far from machines
you will climb the branches

from the treesthere is more to see
Sore with birds

Screaming your three words”

Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Chris Wiseman music video directed by Ian Urquhart

As Within, So Without is a 4 piece Metal-core band hailing from Westchester County, NY EST 2016. Our band started as four friends with a dream, who love music. We are very passionate about music and this new single along with our upcoming sophomore album brings a strong message of positivity through hard times.

We are big believers in positivity, acceptance, and love for all people. The four of us have been friends for a long time and the band has brought us closer together like a tight-knit family.

We have played all over our North East region with bands like Attila, All That Remains, Secrets, Silent Planet, Escape the Fate, and many more bands we look up to.

Our main goal as a band is to build a community for our listeners to feel like they can be heard and to also make friends with like-minded individuals because at the end of the day we want our band to bring people together. 

AWSW is more than just a band, we are a family. 

Vocals: Mitchell Lustosa
Bass/Vocals: Mathew Lustosa
Guitar: Matt Tzovolos
Drums: Lukas Vitullo

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