The Loyal Cheaters: promotional deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion

The Loyal Cheaters has signed a deal with Atomic Stuff for the worldwide promotion of their debut album.

The Loyal Cheaters are an Italian/German Rock n’ Roll band formed in 2020, inspired and seduced by the 70s and 80s sound of bands like AC/DC, Runaways, Slade and the latest Scandinavian Action Rock. Their music and live gigs are conceived to show the high energy, straight to the point attitude that every member embraces, giving no rest throughout thrilling rhythms and guitar solos.

The Loyal Cheaters released in December 2020 their debut single “Surrender”, a tribute to Cheap Trick, one of their greatest influences. 

More info about album title, record label and release date will be available in the forthcoming weeks. 

The Loyal Cheaters are:
Lena McFrison: Vocals, guitar
Max Colliva: Guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Manni: Bass, backing vocals
Richie Raggini: Drums

The Loyal Cheaters
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