Stranger by Another Day Dawns

Put Another Day Dawns Stranger EP on the turntable and crank it to 11!

Review by Scott Harmon

The last day of January 2020 saw the release of Another Day Dawns‘ EP titled Stranger; a collection of five strong tracks of, well, good rock ‘n roll. Like many bands, Another Day Dawns incorporates various musical influences on this pentatonic collection that reveals heavy doses of metal, and classic rock, with a ballad thrown in as in “Never Okay”.

The storyteller in this song is really not okay as they complain repeatedly about being misunderstood when they sing “No one knows the other side. The other side of me. I buried it, in my backyard. It’s buried six feet deep.” Which side is buried is unknown at this point, which could be good or it could be bad. But as the track later reveals, this is a person who has been bullied or otherwise mistreated and they have retreated into an insular world playing roles to get by as they sing “It’s just another day, of wearing someone else’s skin. I’ve buried them, in the yard, next to my old friends.” This is some strong confessional songwriting.

Stranger Track List:
Beautiful Suicide
Am I
Taste of Heaven
Never Okay
Forget Me Not

Dakota Sean, is a gifted singer who can equally growl and muse with introspection, but maybe the most enjoyable moments of his singing are when he slides into a howl as in the song “Beautiful Suicide” where he says “Just give us life. Just give us time. Just give us this moment, to feel ALIVE”. Holding that last note on the word “alive” is pretty powerful stuff, bringing to mind images of a drug-maddened Hunter S Thompson drawing in his book “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.” There are similar vocal moments in the song “Am I”. Guitarist, Tyler Ritter and drummer, Nick McGeehan carry on a musical dialogue that is better evaluated as a whole, rather than as its constituent parts; as they play off of one another intuitively with power, musicality and melody. Ritter adds some clever fills and arpeggios, in particular on the song “Taste of Heaven.” And while McGeehan is rock solid with his rhythm , his fills are really good as well. Both parts, guitar and drums, give one another creative space to make a statement, but they never abuse the opportunity.

Check out the newly released video for “Taste of Heaven”

Speaking of “Taste Of Heaven”, this may be best track on the EP. While it is not breaking new ground musically, it is so tight and bouncy with great guitar tone, it’s hard to imagine this would not get stuck inside their fan’s heads, with lines like “Should of seen your colors change you. Like a mood ring with a curse. Slip you on and you’re an angel. Slip you off and it’s in reverse. . . ” That being said, the aforementioned compliment shouldn’t suggest both “Am I” and “Forget Me Not” are not fine songs. Both are pumping rockers that in case of emergency and in the absence of a defibrillator, they could both restart a failing heart. The piano outro on “Am I” is particularly effective as it compels introspection of the story just told which includes the lines “Did I pick you ‘cuz you’re bad. Like an echo from my past. You’re just like my Mom and Dad; there’s no happy ending. . . “

In short, this is a fine collection of songs by Another Day Dawns and I would strongly recommend both fans and the uninitiated to put it on the turntable and turn it up to eleven.

Another Day Dawns is:
Dakota Sean: Lead Vocals
Tyler Ritter: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Josh Mercado: Bass
Nick McGeehan: Drum

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