Electro-Industrial Artist SPANKTHENUN Reveals Their New Video, “Glitch.” New full-length album out NOW!

New Album – Initial Decay Control Available Now.

Electro-industrial artist, SPANKTHENUN officially releases the video for their single, “Glitch.”  

“Glitch” appears on SPANKTHENUN‘s latest full-length album, Initial Decay Control.

Initial Decay Control is available digitally on Bandcamp NOW.   Physical CDs will be available 1.28.2020.

” With “Glitch,” we were going for an early 90s vibe.  We also saw this as a good opportunity to use samples throughout the song to give it that old-school vibe.  We hear a lot of faster bpm songs out there and we tend to focus on the slower range of bpms: 88-100.  We really like the focus on the groove, not just pounding the listener with noise and beats though we do that too.  But our records in general go for aggression with a groove versus speed.”

Carbon Responder
Slow Suicide
Altered Carbon
Dance Fight or Die
Rotting Meat [Mind Control] version

SPANKTHENUN is an electro/industrial group focused on bringing big catchy beats, hooky synth lines and catchy lyrics to dark music. Sometimes you will get pulsing EBM designed to shake the club, like the collaboration with legendary EBM band Leæther Strip, “Rotting Meat (Mind Control).” Or you will get an old-school Industrial beat programmed like a trap/hip hop beat with a vocal track reminiscent of early goth and industrial records from decades past, like “The Clock” off of their initial release Regression Complex now on Spotify and iTunes.
SPANKTHENUN doesn’t plan to release music in the traditional cadence of single, single and then album. SPANKTHENUN will release smaller EPs and singles like “Slow Suicide” to highlight themes and concepts of future releases like the planned December release; the full-length album, Initial Decay Control. No filler here, all meat! Only massive beats!
Releases will also come via social media and YouTube or releases directly to radio shows. SPANKTHENUN will release videos and cuts of unreleased songs and then will pull them from the public forever. Right now you can hear exclusive remixes only through certain playlists on streaming services and on YouTube. 
The bootleg is back! SPANKTHENUN will release unofficial remixes and reconstructs of other musicians songs too. Right now you can hear the blistering club banger of GOD MODULE’s – “First Last Wish,” unofficial, not approved, reworked and re-imagined by SPANKTHENUN… only on social channels.
SPANKTHENUN is working with some of the most respected names in the Industrial/EBM/Electro business, as well as hip hop and EDM/House producers to develop a unique energetic and exciting new sound.

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