Powerman 5000 at Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, KY 24-OCT-2019

Industrial Metal kingpins Powerman 5000 shake, rattle and roll Lexington with HED PE, Adema, Blacklist Regulars and Mr. Lugosi

With a career that is quickly coming up on an incredible 30 years, Powerman 5000 shows no signs of slowing down, nor should they. 2019 marks the band’s 20th anniversary of their most successful album, Tonight The Stars Revolt! which featured two of the groups mega-hits “When The Worlds Collide” and “Nobody’s Real”.

As the house lights dropped a solid and very enthusiastic room full of fans pushed to the front of the stage, wanting to take in and as much of the energy and power they could. Vocalist​ Spider One and the guys wasted no time capitalizing on enthusiasm in the room starting off their set with “Footsteps and Voices,” “Invade, Destroy, Repeat,” and “Hey, That’s Right!” with fiery intensity.

Over the course of the next hour plus Powerman 5000 covered much of their musical catalog with the same level of power that they started with ultimately ending the show with powerhouse industrial rock anthems “Bombshell,” “Supernova Goes Pop” and of course “When Worlds Collide” leaving ecstatic fans thoroughly entertained. Powerman 5000 is vocalist Spider One, drummer/percussionist DJ Rattan, bassist Murv3 (Murv Douglas) and guitarists Ty Oliver and Taylor Haycraft.

Providing the main support this evening is Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Reggae, Hard Rock, Punk, mix infused HED PE. Touring in support of their recent album Stampede (released in June on Pavement Entertainment) HED PE did what he does best resulting in a fun and entertaining set that had the whole venue engaged from the start.

With over 1.5M units worldwide and 4 studio albums, rockers Adema has seen plenty of success. Adema is also rapidly running up on a milestone as they move into 2020 as it will mark their 20th year as a band. There is no need to document the history of the group but the recently announced lineup, guitarists Tim Fluckey & Mike Ransom, bassist Dave Deroo and drummer Kris Kohls have joined forces with frontman and friend Ryan Shuck (Orgy, Julien K, Dead by Sunshine), performing on this tour was something to be seen and heard. Plans are for new music to be released sometime in 2020 and is definitely something to look forward to. Tonight’s all too short set included “Everyone,” “Unstable,” “ The Way You Like It,” and “Giving In.“

Chicago based Alt-rockers Blacklist Regulars, featuring vocalist Luke Keating from Ireland along with drummer Nick Kraeuter, guitarist Dylan Dice, and bassist Phillip Nielsen from Venezuela are touring in support of their newest alt-rock anthemic single “Superhuman.”

Lexington Kentucky Industrial rockers/shock rockers Mr. Lugosi opened the evening shortly after the venue doors opened with a cool set of original songs including “Captain Howdy.”

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