Post-Punk Act VAZUM Releases Video For Their Cover of BAUHAUS’ “She’s In Parties”

Detroit-based post-punk/dark rock act VAZUM is pleased to reveal the video of their cover of the classic Bauhas track, “She’s In Parties.”  The track appears on their new release, VARIANT available digitally via Bandcamp.  

For fans of: Bauhaus, Joy Devision & REM

VARIANT also features a cover of Bauhaus’ “The Passion Of Lovers,” the video for which can be viewed

The band lavishly gifts us with larger-than-life melodies and godlike riffs, embracing the future through the past! “
– Last Day Deaf

“Some perfect imperfect rough ā€˜nā€™ ready noise for a generation of angry, hard-hitting noise-alt-rock packed with raging guitars and post-punk vocals that will appeal to fans of Basement, Interpol and/or A Place To Bury Strangers. This is energy, and anger in its purest, most valid form.” 
– Soundsphere

1. Ice Man 04:28             
2. Repeat 04:54
3. Promise 04:27            
4. Someday 05:14          
5. She’s in Parties 04:06
6. The Passion of Lovers 04:37   
7. Peel 03:43

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