P!NK at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY 09-MAY-2019

P!NK soars at Rupp Arena as she brings her Beautiful Trauma tour to Lexington. 

Word of mouth has promised that this concert would go down as one of the best of the year and after experiencing P!NK live for the first time, there is no disputing that this show has it all. There’s the theatrical aspect which is present from the very start as P!NK makes her first appearance high above the stage, hanging on a giant chandelier-type prop, belting out “Get the Party Started” while doing gymnastic moves in mid-air. The first part of the set leans heavily on showmanship with elaborate props, costumed dancers, beautiful choreography which includes P!NK’s time in the air all of which serves as an entertaining showcase for songs such as “Just Like a Pill”, “Who Knew” and “Hustle” from the new album “Hard 2B Human.” What stands out as a highlight is P!NK and one of her male dancers in the air while she sings “Try”. They perform an intimate sexy midair dance as they entwine themselves around each other during the song. It is the perfect vehicle for this song.

P!NK makes perfect use of the long catwalk that reaches out into the audience and gives VIPs their own area close to the stage and her. With the built-in people mover, she is able to crouch down and high-five everyone along the stage which is part of the connection with the fans that she enjoys. For the second half of the show, the spotlight seems to be on P!NK the vocalist, and the songs she performs showcase her extraordinary voice and powerful energy that has the audience on their feet for the rest of the night.  Part diva/part skater chick, P!NK has a style and attitude all her own. When she speaks to the crowd her words, not unlike her lyrics, are uplifting and empowering. The use of videos to add to that message is both powerful and inspiring. The “Women are Strong” video shows her activist side as well as clips of strong women including Presidential candidate Kamala Harris and the faces of women in the “Me Too” and Black Lives Matter movements. “My Daughter is Beautiful” speaks to the notion that we should be ourselves, not to force ourselves to conform. The message of “Fly your own flag.” is out there loud and clear in songs such as “F**in’ Perfect”. Be your authentic self is a message that rings out loud and clear throughout the performance.

The night winds down with P!NK once again flying through the arena, going up to the highest tier of seats where she waves at fans in the “nose bleed seats” before seeming to dive down to  the lower sections and moving all around the arena greeting fans on every level.  “Raise Your Glass”,  “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, and “So What” have the crowd fired up and energized before the final song of the night, “Glitter in the Air” brings things to an end, with P!NK leaving the stage with little fanfare. There are doubtless thousands of fans leaving Rupp Arena feeling as though they can make a difference in the world and feeling determined to do something positive. P!NK’s message has been heard loud and clear,

Starting the night off is singer-songwriter, Julia Michaels. She bounds onstage and is all smiles during her set. Julia’s got an effervescent energy that is contagious. With a set comprised of original songs from her 2017 major label debut, Nervous System, including “Issues” and “Uh Huh”, many in the audience had no problem singing along. Being that Julia Michael’s collaborated on several songs on P!NK’s Beautiful Trauma album, she is an instant hit with the crowd tonight.

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