Joyous Wolf at Manchester Music Hall In Lexington, KY 23-MAR-2019

Joyous Wolf rocks Lexington with a dynamic performance.

As an enthusiastic crowd lined up outside Lexington’s Manchester Music Hall you could feel the evening was going to be one for the books.
Once inside, it was clear everyonee was here to party and Joyous Wolf proved to be the perfect entree.

The southern California rockers, officially joined together to form Joyous Wolf in 2014 but have known each other since the 6th grade and it comes across on stage. Morphing together musical influences ranging from straight forward in your face heavy metal to blues Joyous Wolf pours out energy from the word go and never lets up.

Casually, vocalist Nick Reese, guitarist Blake Allard, bassist Greg Braccio and drummer Robert Sodaro take their place on stage, greeted by a great ovation. In an instant, the lights come up and Joyous Wolf catapults into “Undesired,” “Place in Time,” and “Had Enough” and the night is off to a great start.

Joyous Wolf has a new album set to release on April 19th called Place in Time, The next song is from the album “Feel The Low” is for anyone who “has a friend who is feeling something – Get it out – Don’t keep it inside”. Over the next 45 minutes, Joyous Wolf highlight the entire range of their ever-expanding catalog with hard driving rock songs “Mother Rebel,” or “Holy Driver” to the slow, heavy bass rhythms of “The Mechanic”

Joyous Wolf finishes up their high energy and highly entertaining set with a blazing rendition of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” along with a rarely played song “Sleep, Weep, Stomp” before ending the evening with the new single from the new album “Quiet Heart”.

Joyous Wolf has been touring the entire month of March in support of Buckcherry and the Warpaint Tour. The tour continues through the first week of May so you have plenty of opportunities to catch the guys in action – Here are the upcoming scheduled tour dates:

04/02 @ Boathouse – Newport News, VA
04/04 @ Arizona Bike Week – Westworld of Scottsdale – Scottsdale, AZ 
04/07 @ Tarheel – Jacksonville, NC 
04/09 @ The Loft – Atlanta, GA 
04/11 @ Firmament – Greenville, SC 
04/12 @ Cotton Eyed Joe – Knoxville, TN 
04/13 @ Fergs Live – Tampa, FL 
04/14 @ Surfer Bar – Jacksonville, FL 
04/16 @ Vinyl – Pensacola. FL 
04/17 @ Culture Room – Ft Lauderdale, FL 
04/19 @ Graceland Soundstage – Memphis, TN 
04/20 @ Warehouse Live – Houston, TX 
04/23 @ The Complex – Springfield, MO 
04/24 @ The Eclectic Room – Angola, IN 
04/26 @ Temple Live – Ft. Smith, AR 
04/28 @ Lava Cantina – Colony, TX 
04/30 @ Studio – Colorado Springs, CO 
05/01 @ Harry’s Hideaway – Denver, CO 
05/03 @ The Royal Bar – Salt Lake City, UT 
05/04 @ Brooklyn Bowl – Las Vegas, NV 
05/05 @ Canyon Club – Montclair, CA

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