One on One with singer/songwriter Jenny Teator

Nashville Is Sizzling! Artist Jenny Teator Has Us At “Surrender”!

Some artists just know how to have fun and bring that energy and passion for what they create up another notch. Jenny Teator is one of those artists and the world is about to get a shot of her loud and proud with Jenny’s first single “Surrender”.

All In Music Review had a chance to sit down with Nashville based Singer/Songwriter Jenny Teator where we discussed her new single Surrender, her writing process, her favorite artists and what lies ahead for 2019. 

All In: Jenny thank you for chatting with us today at All In Music Review. We would like to hear more about your current single and music video “Surrender”.

Your song certainly has a mix of country and pop sounds. How do you define it?

Jenny Teator: I honestly don’t hear the country in it, haha. I usually tell people I’m Blues/Rock/Pop. Those are my main influences.

All In: Who are some of your favorite artists?

Jenny Teator: Susan Tedeschi (Tedeschi Trucks Band), Bonnie Raitt, Grace Potter, Elle King, ZZ Ward, Demi Lovato

All In: Any, in particular, you would love to co-write a song and perform with?

Jenny Teator: Susan Tedeschi!! I absolutely adore her, she’s my biggest vocal influence and a lot of people say I sound just like her especially when singing her songs, haha.

All In: From beginning to end- talk to us about the idea for the song “Surrender”, its development, who you worked with and your favorite part of the whole process. Include your video process as well.

Jenny Teator: The idea for the song came out of a moment of lust and curiosity. I had recently met a guy soon after moving to Nashville and he left me wanting MORE. It was more than just “I’m attracted to you”. It was this PRIMAL feeling that took over me and I had a gut feeling… always trust your gut feeling, haha. I started to write about it but got stuck. So I came to my other co-writer and friend Meg Williams about it and she helped me finish the song.

I played it out for about 8 months till I met the guys at Red13 Studios and they all agreed “Surrender” should be my first single. They were excited about it, I was excited and I flew to Boston in October of 2018 to knock out the song and music video! That weekend was my favorite part. I LOVE being in the studio and this was my first music video so that alone was exciting and new for me! To see all the moving parts working together and then seeing the final product is so satisfying. I love working with them and can’t wait to see what else we can do together moving forward, stay tuned 🙂

All In: How is the Nashville scene and how have you found your stride there?

Jenny Teator: It’s SO welcoming. The scene is a community, and you don’t see that everywhere. It’s saturated with musicians, yes, but it’s not a competition vibe at all which is amazing. Everyone here is trying to do the same thing or something similar so people are just so willing to help each other out!

One of the best tools I found when I moved here was the community group on Facebook called YEP (young entertainment professionals). It’s a Facebook group with everyone in the industry connected to it posting opportunities for shows, players wanted, photographers needed, etc. This is where I went to look for other like-minded writers and players when I first got here, and that’s how I met some of my closest friends!! Such a cool page to connect with others in the industry, I highly recommend it! I still use it, and still, get great gigs from it.


All In: Talk to us about your music and writing from here where it is going to go?

Jenny Teator: I write a lot from personal experience and moments in my life. It could be just a moment and a whole song comes out! I love songwriting because you can write about something so small yet create an entire song out of one emotion, or experience.

A lot of my songs are sassy, straightforward but also have an underlying message like Surrender does. Most people think that the song is just a sexual, playful song. Which yes, the lyrics reflect that, but the meaning and where it derived from is deeper, emphasizing female sexual empowerment and how we are raised. I have so many songs to share with the world about my story, my journey, my experiences and lessons and I can’t wait to show you guys more.

This is literally just the beginning of an incredible journey ahead! I plan to tour, record and really get out there to share what I think is going to be relatable among the majority and hope to connect with those who may think they are alone in this – we are ALL most likely going through the same things and I just want to show that reaching out isn’t as scary as people think. We’re all humans here to relate to one another, I just chose to do it through my music and sing about it! Stay tuned for more!

Interview by: Marcus Loganbottom

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