Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Sets the house on fire for enthusiastic Louisville fans.
In Louisville, the heart of bourbon and Thoroughbreds, the focus in the city is centering around the Breeders Cup World Championships being held the first weekend in November but…. Sneaking into Louisville a week early was a gem of a tour as Carl Palmer and Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy – Emerson Lake & Palmer Lives On! made a late-week stop.
This is not just any tour or just any show. Carl Palmer, a founding member of the iconic 70’s progressive rock trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer has transcribed the ELP music, replacing the keyboards and synthesizers with guitar and the Chapman stick in a way which accentuates the ELP music in an electrifying way.  
In Carl’s words “The game is to bring the ELP music to a new generation of fans. People want this music. They know how rich it is, how deep it runs and they know how interesting it is so it will live a long time, that’s for sure! It’s been played by classical orchestras, it’s been played by Jazz groups, I’m just playing it now with a power guitar trio!”
Waiting In the smallish venue bar before the show you could feel the excitement from those ready for the doors to open as the conversation centered around ELP, their music, favorite songs with some people discussing their experiences at earlier stops on the tour.
Without much fanfare and greeted by a huge roar from the crowd, Carl Palmer along with guitarist Paul Bielatowicz and Simon Fitzpatrick on Chapman Stick/6-string bass take their positions as the familiar synth notes of “Welcome Back, My Friends!” roll overhead. In an instant, the tape drops and the guys launch into the song immediately captivating the room.
Without wasting any of the energy or enthusiasm in the room Carl was out from behind his kit introducing the next song as the guys rolled immediately into “Knife Edge” further amping up the energy in the room.
With the crowd hooting and hollering Carl was out again from behind his kit to talk and share with the crowd. Someone yelled “Welcome to Louisville” which led into a quick story about being In Manilla to see one of his idols and Louisville local legend Mohamed Ali fight, drawing a great response. The classic Emerson, Lake, and Palmer song “Trilogy” followed, starting the show off in a fantastic way.
Guitarist Paul Bielatowicz really shined tonight. His playing was flawless, his solo showcased his outstanding musicianship and was a delight. Not to be forgotten, Simon Fitzpatrick and that Chapman stick was unforgettable! His solo playing the ELP classic “In The Beginning” was legendary.
Approaching the midpoint of the evening the King Crimson song “21st Century Schizoid Man,” followed by an Aaron Copeland piece “Hoedown” come roaring off the stage before Carl is once again center stage addressing the crowd.
“The Next song is very important for us. Without it I wouldn’t be standing here, It was a top 10 hit for ELP with an iconic keyboard on synth played by Simon on Chapman stick. The next song is dedicated to Greg and Keith. This is “Lucky Man”
One last time Carl was out addressing the crowd “We could have taken the night off, but we came here instead – and we are glad we did! You have you have been a great audience, thank you very much for coming out – it’s very appreciated.” With Carl Palmer back in his seat the guys closed the show with another Aaron Copeland piece and ELP classic “Fanfare For The Common Man”, complete with a blazing almost 10 minute signature Carl Palmer drum solo, before closing the night with “Nutcracker”, drawing the last and seemingly loudest ovation of the night and putting the finishing touches on a memorable evening!
Earlier this week we were able to spend a few minutes talking about the tour, the show, his bandmates along with other ELP things. That Interview can be found here:  One on One with Carl Palmer.  
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