The Melvins at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville 20-MAY-2018

Ipecac Recordings Artist The Melvins make a much-anticipated tour stop for eager fans in Louisville with All Souls.

In what has become much-loved annual occurrence, The Melvins rolled into Louisville, delivering a top-notch set to a full room of fans at Headliners Music Hall. Standing in front of the stage well before the evening started it was fun to hear stories from many of the long-time fans discussing their favorite album, how many shows they have been to, or some of their favorite songs.  For a band that draws from a catalog with over 30+ years of music in their arsenal there sure is plenty to choose from.

On a stage completely saturated in their typical red and blue lights, lead man Buzz Osbourne emerges with his standard wizard-like robe and iconic salt-and-pepper afro along with drummer Dale Crover and the demonstrative Steven McDonald (of the band Redd Kross and “punk supergroup” OFF!) on bass and vocals.  Making the evening a little more special is the addition of Butthole Surfers’ Jeff Pinkus on bass and vocals.

After a brief second to get plugged in The Melvins are all business as they dive right into “Sesame Street Meat,” “At a Crawl,” and “The Kicking Machine” and the evening is off to a memorable start.  As you would expect there is a noticeable heaviness with the two-bass set-up that comes across in a way that grabs you and just will not let you go.  

No two Melvins shows are ever the same, and tonight is no different. Over the course of the next 90 minutes, the Melvin’s perform several staples and fan favorites from their vast catalog mixed in with a few gems.  A crazy, unique cover The James Gang song “Stop” along with a cover of The Rolling Stone’s “Sway” are both laced with the distinctive Melvin’s interpretation that had the whole venue rocking.

The annual Louisville Melvin’s experience delivered on all fronts, satisfying both longtime fans as well as newer ones with an unforgettable show that will be remembered for some time to come.

Melvins Set List – Louisville’s Headliners Music Hall – May 20, 2018

  1. Sesame Street Meat
  2. At a Crawl
  3. The Kicking Machine
  4. Saviour Machine (David Bowie cover)
  5. What They Say (Redd Kross cover)
  6. Anaconda
  7. Stop (James Gang cover)
  8. Moving to Florida (Butthole Surfers cover)
  9. Edgar the Elephant
  10. Sway (The Rolling Stones cover)
  11. Let It All Be
  12. Honey Bucket
  13. The Bit
  14. Don’t Forget to Breathe
  15. Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad
  16. The Talking Horse
  17. Evil New War God
  18. Eye Flys

Providing support is the Los Angeles based quartet, All Souls. Their 30-minute set of rock featuring plenty of catchy riffs, some heavy bass lines, and a hard rocking drum backbone was both catchy and infectious, starting the night off in a great way. All Souls is vocalist/guitarist Antonio Aguilar, bassist Meg Castellanos, drummer Tony Tornay and guitarist Erik Trammell.


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