Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown at Zanzabar in Louisville, KY 30-Mar-2018

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown set the “House of Fire” on their return to Zanzabar in Louisville on their Ramblin’ Bones tour.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are no strangers to Louisville and are greeted with the warm welcome they rightly deserve for their return to Zanzabar in support of their second full-length self-titled release. Since the last time the band performed here, Zanzabar has transformed itself from a small stage in a popular Louisville bar to a concert venue with an expanded capacity (and a bar), while TBSD have toured the world both as support for Guns and Roses and headlining shows in their own right. Time has served both this venue and these artists well.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, which is Graham Whitford on guitar, Noah Denney on bass, and Kentucky’s own Caleb Crosby on drums, wastes no time kicking off their set with an energy and electricity that has the crowd engaged from the first note. Having played together since 2009, have been writing, recording and touring for close to 10 years. They know exactly what the plan to do when they step on stage, and that is to rock this house with their brand of kick-ass blues-infused rock n roll, which is exactly what they do from the first note played to the very last of the night. They project a raw energy and electricity that has the crowd engaged from the get-go.

This is a band that is at its finest in a live setting. Tonight’s set leans heavily on songs from their latest, November 2017 release, such as “Backfire” featuring the incredible rhythm of Caleb Crosby and Noah Denney, followed by the bluesy groove of “Aftershock”, as well as “Heartland,” “Weak and Weepin’,” and “Easy Target”. TBSD classics “Mojo Workin’,” “Downtown Tonight” and of course “House that Jack Built” are fan favorites that showcase the band’s blues roots and outstanding musicianship.

When it comes time for the classic Elvis Presley hit, 1950’s blues tune “That’s Alright Mama”, Caleb Crosby comes out from behind the drum kit to join the rest of the band as he brings his snare drum on a stand to the edge of the stage, at one point jumping into the crowd to beat the drum. The crowd loves it cheers their approval. It’s a fun and for some an unexpected moment in the performance that has people buzzing. The Shakedown brings their show to a close with “Ramblin’ Bones”, another great tune from the new album. Zanzabar and Louisville fans are already waiting for Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown to return. If given the opportunity, do yourself a favor and get to one of their shows. You will be glad you did!



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