Puddle of Mudd at Ollies Skatepark in Florence, KY 03-MAR-2018

Puddle of Mudd fire up an enthusiastic crowd with an unforgettable performance at Ollie’s Skatepark.  

As a fan, there is nothing better than seeing your favorite band perform live.  Over time some shows seem to linger in our minds as memorable or unforgettable moments of time. Sometimes it’s the actual performance that stays in our memories, maybe it’s the friends that you went to the show with, maybe it’s a chance encounter with a band member, maybe it’s a key time in your life or even a specific venue that makes for a memorable show experience.

The Puddle of Mudd show at Ollie’s Skatepark in Florence Kentucky had all the ingredients for this to be an extraordinary evening way before the first chords were struck.  The show, originally scheduled at Oddbody’s in Dayton, Ohio had to be rescheduled due to some unforeseen circumstances at the venue. The chosen substitute venue was 70+ miles away, across the Ohio River, in a completely different state but Ollies Skatepark proved to be up to the task.  

The observation platform at the end of the half pipe provided more than enough room for a spacious and unique stage. Just in front of the stage was a good-sized bowl where skaters were dropping in and jumping out of all evening.  At several times during the evening skateboarders and BMX’ers were getting some pretty intense air on the half pipe behind the stage while the bands were performing for the sizeable crowd.

It was a little after eleven thirty by the time the stage was set and Puddle of Mudd casually walked on stage, greeted by a loud cheer from the crowd.  Without much hesitation Wes Scantlin, guitar now slung over his shoulder, launched into “Control” and the moment everyone was here for was off to a fast start.  In short order “Out of My Head” and “Stoned” came rolling from the stage and was clear that this night would be one for the books. 

Over the next 90 minutes, Wes and Puddle of Mudd had a little something for everybody as they played a set covering almost all of their studio releases including “Away From Me,” “Drift and Die,“ and “Bring Me Down”. On stage Wes seemed to be in a good groove, smiling repeatedly while delivering his signature sound to a very hungry and appreciative crowd.  

While there was not much in the way of on-stage banter from Wes other than a few “Thank You’s”  Puddle of Mudd marched out one great song after another as the set progressed including “Out Of My Head”, “Never Change,” “Nothing Left To Lose” and fan favorite “Psycho”.

As the clock on the wall inched closer to 1 AM, the stage turned to a sea of deep blue as Wes dove into the distinctive guitar chords for “She Hates Me” which had the entire venue singing the chorus at the top of their voices. Wes Scantlin and Puddle of Mudd close out the night with their biggest hit, “Blurry” leaving everyone with a memorable performance in an out of the ordinary setting that will be talked about for some time to come.      

Puddle of Mudd is Wesley Reid Scantlin – vocals/guitar, Matt Fuller – lead guitar/backing vocals, Michael John Adams – bass/backing vocals and Dave Moreno – drums/backing vocals.

There were several Cincinnati/Ohio based groups providing support this evening. Providing primary support was Blue Jelly performing a fun set of covers including Molly Hatchet’s “Flirting With Disaster”. Freely, Bipolar Opposites, Secret Circle Society, Kenwood Avenue, Sunset Mafia-the Ultimate Sunset Strip Tribute, Sins of Motion and Screaming Evidence all took their turn on the Ollies Skatepark stage. 


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