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  • Album Reviews

    Controlled Burn by Blind Scryer

    Blind Scryer’s sophmore release, Controlled Burn stands out! Review by Hunter Correll You may not be familiar with Blind Scryer (Stoner Rock/Metal band from Louisville, Kentucky) but you should be! Blind Scryer’s second release, Controlled [...]
  • Album Reviews

    Doom Crew Inc. by Black Label Society

    Review by Scott Harmon Black Label Society, newest recording, “Doom Crew Inc.” slated for release on November 26, 2021. Supply chain crisis be damned, Black Label Society, has delivered sixty-three minutes of unapologetically rambunctious music [...]
  • Album Reviews

    The Rockfield Files by The Damned

    Review by Scott Harmon The Damned are darned and determined to evolve. Punk in their sensibility and ethic, they’re going to create music that they like; genre be, well . . .  damned. On this [...]
  • Album Reviews

    Vertigo by Zakk Sabbath

    Review by Scott Harmon Somethings societies hold as sacrosanct. Like, don’t make jokes about dead babies. Or, don’t make fun of those with physical or mental infirmities. And don’t make jokes about physical differences between [...]
  • Album Reviews

    Static by Blacktop Mojo

    There’s a lot of the familiar Blacktop Mojo . . . mojo going on with the band’s newest offering – Static. Review by Scott Harmon Blacktop Mojo opens their new four-song EP “Static” with a [...]