CATALYSIS: New ‘Connection Lost’ Video Revealed, Full Album Streaming Available

Thrash-death metal machine CATALYSIS is ready to release the new album Connection Lost on July 24. To celebrate the announcement, the band revealed a new video for the title-track. The song has big groovy riffs with a thrashy feel, melodic choruses and refined songwriting without the loss of that aggressive tone that the band strive for.

Watch the video below:

Connection Lost is now streaming in advance of its July 24th release date, courtesy of Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine. Check out below:

The new album traces the sound evolution of the Scottish band, starting from a first half of the record where “straight to the point” and Black Dahlia Murder-like songs domain, up to a second part where the band shows off all the weapons at its disposal like acoustic and clean guitar sections, anthemic choruses and catchy guitar solos.

Connection Lost drum parts has been recorded at Strait Up Studios in Dundee, while the rest has been recorded at home. Boombastic mixing and mastering by death metal legend Mendel Bij De Liej (ex-Aborted), who already worked with the band on the Catalysis EP in 2018. The artwork is by GuzikArt.

Track Listing:
Conquer and Devour (2:42)
Devils in The Panic Room (3:48)
Drowning In My Head (feat. Phil Demmel) (4:09)
Connection Lost (3:32)
Brother (4:11)
Just Turn Back (3:28)
A Bridge Too Far (feat. Joey Radziwill) (4:27)
City of The Dead (3:39)
Reborn (4:16)
Sentinel (3:31)
Tomb for The Torn (3:22)
A Version of The Truth (6:31)

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Catalysis Line-up:
Colin MacGregor: Vocals
Drew Cochrane: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sean Ramson: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kenneth Valentine: Bass
Calum Rennie: Drums

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