LRS Fest at the Brown-Forman Amphitheater in Louisville, KY 06-OCT-2019

LRS Fest returns to the Brown-Forman Amphitheater headlined by Nonpoint, Royal Bliss, Hyro The Hero, Afterlife along with great Louisville local support.

More than 10 years ago one local radio station brought together some of the nation’s best rock artists for a one-day festival called LRS Fest. (Louisville’s Rock Station).  The annual festival, held on the waterfront area was a mainstay for rock and metal fans all around Louisville, often with one-day crowds exceeding 20,000’s metal and rock fans drawing headliners like Disturbed, P.O.D., Puddle of Mudd, Sum 41, The Starting Line, Drowning Pool, and Sick Puppies. In 2008 the station went off the air and the festival, unfortunately, did not continue.  

Roll forward to 2018, LRS 102 DIGITAL MEDIA revived a new version of LRS FEST, this time at Brown-Forman Amphitheater with headliners Flaw and Post Animal along with several hot Louisville local bands including Anemic Royalty and GRLWood. Building on 2018’s success, 2019’s event drew national touring acts Nonpoint, Royal Bliss, Hyro The Hero and Afterlife along with Local area bands Despite the Fallen, Anemic Royalty, Mojothunder, SxWxP, Boombox Poets, Julius, The Last Origin along with performances by School of Rock Louisville and Atherton Marching Band.

Tonight, was a rare chance to see Nonpoint in a smallish, outdoor amphitheater setting that many fans couldn’t pass up. The LRS Fest show was one of the final Red Tape tour stops for Nonpoint and as “Elias said, it seems we are all broken and sick but….. I feel fine and I’m ready to ROCK!” as Nonpoint rolled through a solid hour-plus long set that included fan favorites Chaos and Earthquakes along with their newest video “Fix This” from 2018’s release X before ending a fantastic evening with a fiery performance of mega-hit “Bullet With A Name”

The main support this evening belonged to Salt Lake City rockers, Royal Bliss.  This evening was Royal Bliss’s final stop on this tour as they were headed back home in the morning but you would never know it as the guys, led by singer/guitarist Neal Middleton, were on fire from the first chords of their first song and never slowed down.

The first two touring bands to take the stage were West Palm Beach Florida based Afterlife followed by Houston Texas-based Rap/Rock/Hip Hop/Gangsta Rockers Hyro The Hero. Leaving everything they had on stage both Afterlife and Hyro the Hero amped up the energy to 11 with scorching sets that really blew the fans away.

There were several outstanding sets from local Louisville (and surrounding areas) bands including Anemic Royalty, fresh from their show at the Louder Than Life festival and Bowling Green, KY favorites Despite The Fallen.

It will be interesting to see what LRS Fest has in store for 2020 and how they continue to build on their success. The local Louisville music scene is strong and vibrant with many very talented groups and matching some bigger national touring bands will allow the event to continue to grow in the future.   

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