Coheed and Cambria at Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville, KY 28-MAY-2019

Coheed and Cambria kick off their Unheavenly Skye Tour in Louisville with Mastodon and Every Time I Die.

A warm, early summer afternoon in the Commonwealth of Kentucky greeted metal fans for what promised to be an epic evening of Metal. As everyone was piling into the venue it was It was great listening to the animated dialogue of what songs people were hoping to hear.  Coheed and Cambria and Mastodon both have solid and passionate fan bases which only added to the overall energy in the venue. Coheed and Cambria are touring in support of their latest album Vaxis-Act 1: The Unheavenly Creatures, which was released last October, continuing with the Amory Wars storyline.

As the house lights dropped fans were immediately up and on their feet, ready what for what was about to be served, Coheed and Cambria wasted no time getting to business beginning tonight’s journey with  “Prologue,” ”The Dark Sentencer,“ “Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant,” and “Unheavenly Creatures” and the evening was off to a powerful start.

Over the next sixty plus minutes, Coheed and Cambria rolled through their set with a sound and lighting spectacle that everyone seemed to be fully absorbed in. While the focus of the evening was definitely on the Vaxis – Act I: album with a live premiere of “The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)” several fan favorites came pouring from the stage as well including “The Suffering,” and “A Favor House Atlantic” before ending their main set with “Welcome Home” from their 2005 album Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness.

Performing second this evening were Grammy award winners Mastodon. It’s hard to believe that 2019 is the 10th anniversary of the bands Crack the Skye album and as a treat to the fans, Mastodon is playing the album in its entirety during this tour.  Without much fanfare Brann, Brent, Bill and Troy casually took their places on stage, starting the evening with “Bladecatcher,” “Black Tongue,” “I Am Ahab” and “Ember City”.  Now that everyone was thoroughly warmed up it was time the main course, the Crack the Skye album. Performing in song title order, first comes the heavy and rhythmic “Oblivion”.  Over the next 50 or so minutes Louisville is spellbound by the sounds and lights being presented. While Mastodon isn’t the flashiest band on stage, it’s the overall precision and technical prowess by which the songs are performed that sets them apart.

Staying behind after the final notes were played to address the crowd and toss his sticks out to fans in the crowd, drummer Brann Dailor told the crowd how excited the band was to be on tour with Coheed and Cambria and Every Time I Die. He said the bands have been friends for quite some time and have been trying to coordinate a tour together for a while and finally all their schedules lined up.

Opening the evening were Upstate NY’s hardcore metal favorite Every Time I Die. Fronted by energetic vocalist Keith Buckley, ETID is one of the most intense and chaotic live bands touring.  Like they were shot out of a canon EDIT opened their set all guns blazing beginning with “Roman Holiday” followed by “Glitches,” and “Apocalypse Now and Then” with a fiery energy that grabbed you and wouldn’t let you go.  Over the next 45 minutes, ETID left everything they had on the Iroquois Amphitheater stage, ending their set with “Map Change”.

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