Roaring Truth debuts self-titled EP

Dallas, Texas kicks up the dirt and brings the old school hard rock sounds of Roaring Truth up to the notch of loud and proud. The band was founded in 2015 and they have learned to grab hold of the hard rock sound and forge together melodic hooks, driving rhythms and riffs all while complimenting the flag of old school blended with modern, a distinct sound and feel.

Track List
1. Black Box 
2. Homesick 
3. Flying Above it All 
4. I Remember Today 
5. Rebel? 
6. Do as I Say

From the beginning of their EP ‘Homesick’ you feel the old school rock vocals of James Jones as they hum in your ear. Their music catches the low-end sounds of bassist Jordan Greer, and smash the pace kept by drummer James Michael McLester. As you move to the guitar riffs that have been formed deeply by Dillon Moses and Marty Hill you hear their soul reveling intent. Up and over again and again Roaring Truth interweaves their powerful dual guitars, which ultimately come together for a stream of some of today’s best.

Check out ROARING TRUTH’s official music video for their single, “Homesick,” released earlier this year.

Always an interesting behind the scene look to take with bands sometimes comes behind their artwork. Roaring Truth’s cover art symbolizes Revelation 5:5, which in part reads, “‘Weep no more, behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered.’”

Although Roaring Truth reveals its deep-felt Christian-based faith, with stanzas such as the following: “Then I learned what goes up comes crashing down/Started seeking a true way to get off the ground/Found faith in the Man who rose and ascended/Then all unwound became fully mended”, you do not sense they are striving to shove their beliefs down your throat. This is just great hard rock music.

Roaring Truth is:
James Jones- Vocals 
Marty Hill- Guitar 
Dillon Moses- Guitar 
Jordan Greer- Bass 
James Michael McLester- Drums

Album review by: Roland Spiace

Roaring Truth
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