Russian Circles at The Odeon in Louisville, KY 16-FEB-2019

Russian Circles deliver deep and mesmerizing performance for Louisville fans with punk rockers Gouge Away.

After spending part of January recording the upcoming album 7 at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, it’s time for Russian Circles to hit the road with a 10 show run across the midwest and south before invading Australia in late April.

On a dimly backlit stage drummer Dave Turncrantz, guitarist Mike Sullivan and bassist Brian Cook unassumingly take their places, met by a great cheer from the sold-out OdeonRussian Circles immediately launch into the opening song of the evening, “Geneva” followed by “309”. Towards the tail end of “309” the guys blew a fuse immediately killing off the sound and dropping the entire stage into complete darkness. After a short delay to restore power and get everything back up and running the evening continued without any further delays.

For more than an hour, Russian Circles rolled through their set which included popular songs “Afrika,” “Harper Lewis,” “Mlàdek, and “Vorel” with the crowd in some sort of hypnotic trance, rhythmically nodding their heads in unison with the guys on stage in complete control.

Russian Circles ended the awesome evening in great fashion with “Mota” and finally “Deficit”, leaving a jam-packed room of Louisville fans thoroughly satisfied.

Opening the evening were Florida based punk rockers Gouge Away. On a dimly lit stage awash in deep red lights, Christina, Mick, Tommy, Tyler, Dylan poured out energy from the opening chords of their opening song and never let up. Gouge Away proved to be a perfect complement for the evening

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