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  • Album Reviews

    A War On Everything by The Glorious Sons

    The Glorious Sons’ recent release “A War On Everything” (released September 13, 2019) is really nothing short of . . . wonderful! Review by Scott Harmon When the blues calved rock and roll from its [...]
  • Album Reviews

    Under The Sun by Blacktop Mojo

    Blacktop Mojo’s Highly anticipated third album, Under The Sun, simply sizzles! Review by Scott Harmon Music has rules, well music other than free jazz apparently. And those rules apply to a mere twelve notes including [...]
  • Album Reviews

    Green Balloon by Tank and The Bangas

    Tank and the Bangas shine on their first major label album, Green Balloon. Album review by Greg Deinlein Perfectly mixing funk, soul, hip-hop, blues, jazz, rock n’ roll, and spoken word poetry into a single [...]
  • Album Reviews

    Roaring Truth debuts self-titled EP

    Dallas, Texas kicks up the dirt and brings the old school hard rock sounds of Roaring Truth up to the notch of loud and proud. The band was founded in 2015 and they have learned to grab [...]
  • Album Reviews

    World War Me by Greg Holden

    Greg Holden’s 4th studio album, World War Me, is a unique project that deserves your attention. Since the release of 2015’s Chase the Sun album, Greg Holden has toured extensively, gone from New Yorker to Californian, [...]